Trojan Band
Jean McClung Middle School
3000 Forest Ave.  Fort Worth, TX 76112
School Office:  817-815-5300

Cara Goings - Band Director
Fort Worth Symphony Brass Quintet concert during 1st period.
May we suggest the following music instrument retailers:


Mr. E's Music Supercenter

1320G Airport Frwy

Bedford, TX 76022


Rivard Brothers

2425 W. Arkansas Ln Ste A

Arlington, TX 76013


Johnny Paul's Music Shop

10450 E. Bankhead Hwy
Aledo, TX  76008


Band Supply List


- Notebook Paper (50 sheets)

- 2 Boxes tissue or large pack unscented baby wipes

- 2 Mechanical pencils (Bic is best)

- Small, unbreakable mirror (beginner classes only )

- Pencil bag ( 3-hole punched)

- Divider sheets (3 pages)

- $50 Supply Fee (due September 11th)

- $50 Activity Fee:  ( Due January 15th)


***The Supply & Activity Fees cover the cost of instrument supplies, uniforms, food consumed during band events, travel by tour bus, student owned books, and admittance to contests in the spring - usually at an amusement park.

Mrs. Goings, formerly teaching the Leonard 6th Grade band and Leonard Middle School on Fort Worth's west side, is the band director at McClung Middle School and Meadowbrook Middle School.  Mrs. Goings has also taught with the Lewisville ISD and began the band program at Castle Hills Christian School in the San Antonio area. She is a graduate of the University of North Texas where she was Head Drum Major.  Her primary instruments are Trumpet and Piano with a passion for conducting.  She currently performs weekly with the Southcliff Baptist Church Orchestra.  Mrs. Going is married to Todd Goings and has four children; Cayla, Laurel, Taylor and Jayden.  Her Maltese dog, "Rip", rounds out the family.  
Fort Worth Symphony Orchestra

Welcome to the internet home of the Trojan Band!

Jean McClung Middle School opened its doors in Fort Worth, TX on August 12, 2012.  We are looking forward to establishing a great tradition of band excellence in the years to come and are excited about the opportunity FWISD and the people of our city have extended to us in our new facilities.

In order to reach our goals, we will remember to "Honor the Trojan Code".

Always Respect:
- Authority
- Self
- Others
- Property

By remembering these important principles, we will honor our families, our community and each other.
Respect  .  Honor  .  Pride

TROJAN Band Expectations


1. Be Respectful 

    (Remember the "Golden Rule")

2. Be Mature

    (Take responsibility for your behavior)

3. Be Ready to Learn

    (Have what youneed, when you need it)

4. Be you BEST

    (Always give your best effort!)

Class Procedures


-Enter room quietly and calmly

-No GUM, food or drink in the band hall

-Take out instrument, binder, book and pencil

-Sit in Ready Position, do not get up during class

-Play only when instructed

-Raise hand and wait to be called on before you speak

-Avoid distracting other students

-Do not touch other instruments and equipment.  If it is not yours or assigned to you for your use, leave it alone.






-Put away instrument

-Change student's seating position

-Writing assignment / contact parent


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Class Schedule: "B" Day Only 

Period       Time           Class
                8:45        Sectional Rehearsal
6              9:20        Beginning Band
7             10:54       Conference / Lunch
8             12:42       Concert Band (Non Varsity)
9               1:56       Beginning Band (8th Grade)
10             3:12      Symphonic Band (Varsity)                  
                  4:20      School Dismissed



Informal Uniform - All Bands

Band T-shirt (tucked in) -provided

Dark Blue Jeans

Tennis Shoes


Formal Uniform - Symphonic Band Only

Black slacks

Solid White Dress Shirt or Blouse

Black Socks

Black Dress Shoes

Links We Like 


Radio Stations

KNTU 88.1 FM      UNT - Jazz

WRR  101.1 FM    Classical
KOAI  107.5 FM    Smooth Jazz